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John Ritenour and His Overall Insurance Goal

John Ritenour is a big name in the insurance business. He is the founder of the Insurance Office of America, an internationally recognized insurance agency. The company started in Florida with one office and is currently in more than 50 locations. One reason why the company has managed to expand so fast is because of John Ritenour’s commitment to work with insurance producers.

John Ritenour is a man with a positive attitude and has committed his career to help others grow. Therefore, when he established IOA, he ensured that it was formed on the basis that he would help his producers. With more than 1000 associates across their 50 branches and one international branch in London, the company has developed the art of giving the producers the freedom they need. The overall effect is receiving an uncapped commission that is different from the traditional way of doing business.

John Ritenour joined the Insurance industry 35 years ago. He has been so consistent about his next achievement. The extensive experience and insights that he has gained over the past three decades have enabled him to move the Insurance Office of America from a startup to wherever it is now. He believes that success does not come easily, and he always toils to achieve that.

Before retiring from the company in 2018, John Ritenour ensured that his son, Heath Ritenour, had gained the skills needed to move the company to the next level. He was very optimistic about where he was heading to. Since he established the company in 1989, he has always ensured that he works with people who are ready to learn new things in life. That is the reason why they keep on identifying new opportunities before their competitors spot them.

After retirement, John established the Insurance Office of America Foundation, an organization that has been working to protect its members’ interests.