Founder, Leadership

John Ritenour Brings Positive Impact to the Insurance Office of America

John Ritenour is one of the greatest leaders you should know. He came up with the Insurance Office of America in 1988 and decided to launch it. He became passionate about insurance from his days as a child. John began his career as an insurance salesman in the early 1970s. For six months, he worked as a door-to-door insurance salesman. He became one of the top insurance producers as a result of his hard work, dedication, and determination, which he applied at every stage of his career. John’s insurance specialization gave him the confidence to propose to Valli, his high school girlfriend. Valli agreed, and they later married and started a company together.

In Pennsylvania, John and his wife founded the insurance firm Ritenour Insurance. In pursuit of a stronger market opportunity and a warmer environment, they moved their company to Florida. He came up with the Florida based firm Insurance Office of America. Since its inception, Insurance Office of America, a top league insurance company based in Longwood, has expanded. Since John Ritenour and his wife, Valli, founded the company, it has grown to more than 60 offices based in the UK and the US. The corporation, which began as a three-person operation, has expanded to over 1300 employees.

Until recommending a specific insurance policy to their customers, the Insurance Office of America employs trained and welcoming employees who take the time to get to know each family or company.

IOA’s aim is to get to know all of their clients, with what they cherish and adore about life, company goals they want to achieve, and what their family’s dream is. If the staff have learned about each customer’s requirements, they integrate a comprehensive set that meets their insurance requirements. The clients benefit because they do not charge for coverage. This insurance organ set its focus on serving its customers and giving them top-notch services.

While employed in the insurance industry, John Ritenour, Co-Founder of IOA, won many awards. Through his company, he had a significant impact on his society. John is also active in the industry’s voluntary efforts and day-to-day operations, despite his retirement.