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Laura McQuade on her success

Laura has had a lot of ups & down in a career that has lasted more than 30 years but just how has she managed to stay down to earth through it all? Well, she recently sat down to talk about how she got to her current role & where she hopes to go from here. She comes from humble beginnings on a small farm in the middle of Nebraska & had a good life out in the fields. But she knew that one day she would go on to do even greater things than just feeding the chickens or filling up the compost.

That’s why she got a full ride to what is now known as holy cross & endeavored to always try her best in her effort to get the best grades she could. This paid off when she was conferred honors upon graduating with the rest of her class. Once that had come to a close, she knew she had to make a choice & went with more education at the end of the day. When this had reached its natural stopping point, she was ready to go out into the field & find her calling. So she soon interviewed for a role at PP & was given an offer a few weeks later. In this capacity she was able to save a lot of girls from precarious situations & ensure that they would be okay in the long run. She now lives in the bronx, NY.

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