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Liu Qiangdong has Consistently Emphasized the Value of Excellent Customer Service

To begin with, was only a small booth that evolved into the world’s third-largest online corporation in terms of sales. Professional achievements and company initiatives with a long-term growth trajectory are on Qiangdong’s resume. His goal has come to fruition thanks to a unique combination of commercial acumen and deep-seated religious convictions. Qiangdong has consistently emphasized the value of excellent customer service and a desire to have a positive impact on the world through his company’s operations.

Liu Qiangdong was raised in China’s dry coal belt approximately 700 kilometers south of Beijing to peasant farmers. He grew up in poverty in the small village of Chang’an, where they lived off sweet potato and corn for eight months of the year. His grandmother would bribe the local farmer’s co-op vendor with peanuts so that he would sell her the unhealthiest piece of pig once or twice a year, which was the only time he had ever tasted pork. The fat delivered from the animal was saved by the family and used to flavor other dishes year round, and Qiangdong would dream of one day being able to bring pork to everyone in his village after seeing the house of the barangay chairman with many racks of pig meat hanging in view.

At least twice, Qiangdong’s family was forcibly relocated because of their riches and connections to the Yangtze river and the historic imperial canal, which moved commodities from Beijing in the north to Hangzhou in the south during his time.

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