Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western Starts a Charity Foundation

Matthew FleegerSeveral years ago, the life of Sadie Keller was full of despair and pain. Although she was dealing with numerous hardships, the young girl decided to do something position. At just seven years old, the little girl was struggling with one of the most dangerous diseases in the world, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. When Sadie was taken to the hospital, she chose to have a good time while undergoing her tough cancer treatment. Sadie made friends who were struggling with various healthcare challenges just like her. The children in this specific hospital, just like Sadie, were being forced to spent a lot of their childhood years in the hospital instead of going to school and playing out in the field. Sadie wanted to lift the gloomy spirits of the young children living in the hospitals. Although she was very young, Sadie came up with the idea of raising toys from well-wishers so that all of her friends would get gifts on special holidays such as Christmas. By getting these gifts, the children would get some normalcy for the special season and enjoy themselves just like other children who celebrated the holidays with their families. Matthew Fleeger Gulf Coast Western learnt so much from this toy drive established by Sadie.

The toy drive created by Sadie was not like any other. In just a short time, the drive was very popular, and it became a successful national foundation. The foundation has been able to collect more than fifty eight thousand toys for children. Sadie faced hardships while in the hospital. The young child lost her friends who were in the hospital. The process of sharing her stories to the world gave Sadie a chance to deal with grief and battle with the disease. Sadie did a lot in her bid to help raise funds for medical research. Young children, according to Sadie, did not deserve to undergo the painful treatments meant for cancer. At one point, Sadie decided to meet several members at the federal government in Washington DC so that she could raise more funds for childhood cancer treatment and research. Matther Fleeger Gulf Coast Western loved the passion and strength shown by Sadie. Fleeger founded a charity foundation to help support thousands of children battling cancer around the world.

Matthew Fleeger