Powerful Business Tips From Scott Dylan the Maverick Founder of Fresh Thinking Group

Scott DylanScott Dylan is a successful distressed M&A and private equity investor. He acquires companies in a range of markets to develop them into prosperous firms. As Founder and Key Partner of Fresh Thinking Group (FTG), Scott Dylan has significant knowledge in business development. He uses this knowledge to grow struggling businesses. He emphasizes optimal growth, custom plans to fit each business, and meaningful collaboration with business team members.

Anyone interested in building a successful business could benefit from paying attention to his thoughts.

Optimized Cash Flow

Cash flow is everything for a business. Sometimes, it can even be more important than profitability. That’s why Scott Dylan recommends keeping costs as close to zero as possible. He also advises that solid accounting practices be established from the start.

His company, Fresh Thinking Group, often focuses on acquiring businesses with concerning cash flow. A clear demonstration of it’s importance to a business.

Customized Plans

No two businesses are identical. Products, and most importantly, people are different from one organization to another. Take a cue from Fresh Thinking Group and Scott Dylan, be certain of your product when going into business. Even still, it’s not always enough to have a good product; you also need an excellent understanding of the market you’re getting into to.

Your people are even more important to understand. Each person on your team has particular strengths and weaknesses. Understanding your employees and your partners makes it possible to draw the best out of them. When you can give them the work they’re best at, everyone benefits.


Partners, employees, and other business leaders all have valuable information for you. Understanding that you must grow alongside the business is a key tip from Scott Dylan. When he founded Fresh Thinking Group he didn’t stop his own personal growth; he’s studying for a Bachelor of Law degree. Attend seminars, network on websites like LinkedIn, read relevant books, keep up with industry news, and find a mentor. All are excellent ways that Scott Dylan recommends to grow yourself as a person and a leader.