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Rachel Nichols Beats The Odds In A Male-Dominated Arena

Being a news anchor/reporter is a challenging job. Being a woman in this field becomes even more complicated. However, Rachel Nichols beat the odds and has become one of the most recognized and celebrated sports news reporters with an outstanding record that makes anyone want to hear her more and more.

Nichols’s passion for sports does not just start when the cameras roll, but it is traced back to her younger years when her love of sports could not be fulfilled on the playground but chose to do so through reporting. The way she articulates every sports personality makes the viewers see another side of their favorite sports personalities.

Her talent has propelled her career from working for the Washington Post to ESPN. Due to her popularity, she successfully transitioned from ESPN to CNN and then back again to ESPN. She hosts a popular show where she gets the opportunity to bring viewers the untold stories of their favorite players. Because it’s a male-dominated industry, her fearless nature and ability to ask the most complicated questions without fear makes her the best.

Her most memorable and notable epic moment includes her interview with James Lebron. Rachel Nichols says it was a fantastic moment first to interview when he was 17 and later have the opportunity to do it again at the age of 32. The long hours that one puts into making the story are worth the fulfillment and joy he gets when he is done.

According to her, she gets fulfillment in doing what she loves. She says she loves it when her children get to see her do what she loves. Rachel Nichols thrives in the sports arena, making her the first woman journalist to host a vast show like jumping. According to Rachel Nichols, the desire to know what is next without the possibility of predicting it fascinates her and gives her motivation. See related link for more information.


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