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 Reasons Why QNET is Not a Scam

There are so many scams and pyramid schemes on the internet that it’s hard to tell which ones are real. QNET is a company based in Hong Kong that sells products in 149 countries worldwide, making them an international company with credible business history. Top reasons why QNET scam is not there include:

  1. QNET gives back to the community QNET scam does not.

QNET will provide a bonus, not to its members, but to the community. It will donate funds at its discretion to help the needy in any way they see fit. In fact, it will be doing multiple charity promotion events in the upcoming months.

  1. QNET is not an internet scam.

QNET is based in Hong Kong, meaning they have been around for at least two years as a real company before this platform came into existence. It was also registered with relevant authorities and has its website and payment gateways set up through third-party providers such as PayPal or Amazon Pay. This has never been an issue for any other legitimate business operating internationally before now.

  1. QNET is a member of prominent industry bodies such as the Direct Selling Association DSA. To remain a member, a company registered with DSA must legally uphold a high standard of ethics and business conduct.
  2. QNET products are endorsed by major celebrities and personalities.

Top celebrities endorse QNET products. This is like placing advertisements in magazines and hiring supermodels to be their spokespersons. Thus, QNET’s endorsements do not make them any less credible, as they’re just putting their names behind the products. Thus, the QNET scam does not exist.

  1. QNET provides training and monitoring.

QNET provides training and monitoring. This means that they will have agents present at their stores to ensure that they follow the company’s rules. In addition, they host regular seminars and webinars to talk about how to do business with QNET. Learn more about Qnet scam