Robert L. McKenna III

Robert McKenna is a shareholder at Kjar, McKenna & Stockalper, LLP. Mr. McKenna attended an institute of higher learning in LA, California, and also graduated with a Juris Doctorate from Loyola Marymount University, a private Catholic university in Los Angeles.

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He started practicing law in 1993 and has been recognized as a top lawyer for fifteen years in a row by a magazine in Los Angeles.

He has been a member of several specialist firms and participates in community welfare.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and organizations started working remotely, Mr. McKenna noticed that the employees would work effectively and produce outstanding results.

After they were allowed to resume working in offices, Mr. McKenna and his organization decided that the experienced managerial team would work from home and come to the office only two days a week.

Still, remote working has its pros and cons.

Robert McKenna noticed that in teleworking, workers enjoy hiked flexibility, they can save traveling money and time and still attend combined job meetings and location-fixed responsibilities as required.

Remote working allows employees to enjoy their various work techniques and desires. On the contrary, this type of working system can be stressful for employees due to alternating from the office set up to teleworking.

As he transitioned from the office setup to teleworking, McKenna mastered a few key steps one should take.

He learned that you should start with the inventory process to determine which duties and procedures they can work on from home and which ones need the employees in the office.

Secondly, you have to avail the required supplies to facilitate remote working.

Make sure you avail any office materials and computer files needed to carry out their tasks.

It would be best if you also generated productive workspaces at their homes and lay down healthy borderlines for your workers between the office and home since some employees can overwork, risking burnout.

Also, long and constant hours of communication cause exhaustion and reduces productiveness.

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