Scott Dylan Caribou Makes Parcel Delivery Waves

Caribou If the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 showed us anything, it was the need for reliable delivery services. In the U.K., one parcel service had just spluttered into life, Caribou. The Manchester-based parcel delivery and freight shipping company was established in 2018 and has risen to become one of the best-reviewed in the nation. The company has big ambitions and is not willing to limit itself to being a regional parcel delivery service. Instead, it is looking at a global expansion at a double-quick speed.

Caribou was created by technology executives Scott Dylan and Dave Antrobus. The Manchester-based entrepreneurs believe there is a wider world to be explored than the experiences offered by the London-based companies of the U.K. Innovation is key to the work of Scott Dylan who believes basing his companies in Manchester makes economic sense.

The technology sector is driving the work of the parcel delivery company, with Caribou providing several technology benefits over its rivals. The work of Scott Dylan has been important to the development of the brand, which remains rooted in the belief that providing channels for sales is vital to growth. The Caribou brand is based on the belief that a successful parcel delivery service can drive the success of its partner brands.


Caribou has already proven itself to be a committed member of the parcel delivery service by partnering with some of the world’s biggest brands. The decision of Amazon to partner with the parcel service was important, as was its partnership with eBay. Along with the largest business brands in the world, Caribou is committed to providing support for every customer regardless of the size of their parcel.