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 Seaworld’s Recent Efforts Protect Marine Life

SeaWorld, known for mixing family fun with a chance to learn about marine life, goes a step further by protecting ocean life beyond the boundaries of their parks. Areas of focus include animal rescue and preservation of delicate ecosystems. Scientists and marine life professionals behind the scenes of the theme parks show success in several recent efforts.

A loggerhead turtle stranded on the Oregon coast has a home to heal and prepare to live again in the wild thanks to SeaWorld San Diego. Cold temperatures caused the animal to lose the ability to move or eat. Turtle conservation is an important project at the park, and SeaWorld welcomed the animal with a safe habitat and staff to monitor its condition. The park has rescued 2210 turtles since 2010.

In Florida, two orphaned manatee calves named Amelia and Irma were released back into their natural habitat in February 2021 after a stay at SeaWorld Orlando. These large marine mammals found their temporary home in 2017 at the park’s Manatee Rehabilitation Center. This five-acre facility is located near the Turtle Trek area and is one of a handful of places in the world with the authorization to care for orphaned, sick or injured manatees.

SeaWorld recently joined forces with other organizations to take care of ocean life. The Florida Coral Rescue Center is made up of SeaWorld, Disney and a variety of conservation organizations working to save coral reefs. The group is addressing the devastating effects of stony coral tissue loss on 22 species of coral. SeaWorld, along with the other Florida groups, hope to return healthy corals to the seas.

SeaWorld’s four parks welcome millions of visitors each year with educational and interactive animal experiences as part of their offerings. Caring for marine life and the oceans is a priority for the successful theme park.