Shopping made easy through shopatainment

Over time people have been attracted to viewing video content as opposed to other types of content. Through video, people can follow up on events easily. The introduction of the internet and smartphones has made it possible for people to enjoy watching videos from the comfort of their devices. The sharing of commercials on the video-sharing platform has been faced with several challenges. For instance, people are forced to stop watching videos so that the commercials can be aired. The disruption can be stopped through the introduction of shopatainment by DroppTV. The technology allows viewing of content and commercials without the need to pause any of them.

Gurp Rai’s vision

The droppTV technology is the brainchild of Rai. He came up with the vision of having people consume video content without pausing for commercials to be aired. The technology makes it easy for people to keep watching content as they follow links to buy goods and services. The technology works like instream tags, but this time, it is applied to videos. There is a great impact on video-sharing technology.

Introduction of droppTV

The introduction of DroppTV technology has changed the way people do business. Those who would like to stay engaged in their video content can rely on the technology. It simplifies everything for those who would like to start watching videos and, at the same time, follow links to eCommerce platforms. The technology makes the whole experience of watching video content enjoyable. It can be applied on different screens to make it more accessible to people across the different video-sharing platforms.

Making video entertainment more enjoyable

Shopatainment aims at making video sharing more enjoyable. Those looking forward to making more people enjoy the videos on their platforms can utilize it. There is no need to stop a music video before you can watch the commercials. It makes the whole experience of watching videos enjoyable.

More effective commercials on video streaming sites

The droppTV technology makes it possible for people to tap on videos then get directed to places to access the different products offered on the site. It is an effective strategy that makes it possible for people to locate stores. For example, celebrities in movies and music videos wear attractive attire. Those interested in buying the different fashion outfits can tap on the screens, and they are directed to the same stores where they can purchase the outfits. The move simplifies the way people do business online.