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Sidney Woman Katelynn Berry Missing

Katelynn Berry has been missing since December 21. Her father, Hank Berry, was the last one to see her that day in her home in Sydney. She lived above the building where her father worked in a workshop.

Hank reported that he visited Katelynn Berry on the 23rd and 24th of December, and she was nowhere to be found in her apartment. Family and friends called Katelynn continuously, but their calls remained unanswered.

When Katelynn’s calls started going to voicemail, Katelynn’s mother, Carmell Mattison, knew something was wrong with her daughter’s sudden disappearance. Hank reported on December 31 to the Richland County Sheriff’s that his daughter had been missing. All of Katelynn’s items were at the house, including her ID, phone, laptop, credit cards, and coat.

The sheriff and other law enforcement agencies such as the Montana DCI (Division of Criminal Investigation) and the FBI have conducted several searches around the area but still found nothing. Hank remains in deep sorrow, hopeless, and helpless.

The family promised a reward of $25,000 to anyone who returned Katelynn safe and sound by February 1 on her 27th birthday. The family believes that someone out there knows something about their daughter’s disappearance, and they will not give up looking for her.

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