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Sports Illustrated and The Arena Group See Big Gains Under CEO Ross Levinsohn

Ross LevinsohnAs the current Chief Executive Officer at both Sports Illustrated and The Arena Group, Ross Levinsohn is positioned to be an influential force. Levinsohn is a key leader in the media industry with prior top-level positions at companies like Yahoo!, GDM, Fox, Whisper Advisors, CBS Sportsline and others. Throughout his career, he has made significant gains for the companies that he has worked for, and this continues through his current endeavors.

This Sports Illustrated CEO stepped into the role several years ago at a key time when the company was going through a significant transition. Traditionally a print publication, the brand’s monetization strategy was heavily dependent on print revenue. However, the brand’s audience had a waxing interest in digital content. A shift in the monetization plan was necessary to adequately address this situation. With this in mind, the Sports Illustrated CEO set to work creating an effective strategy. The strategy that he ultimately moved forward with involves the production of a more advanced subscription. Digital content is now offered first to the higher-paying subscribers. This innovative move on Levinsohn’s part now enables the brand to raise more income from the website.

One of Ross Levinsohn’s other notable moves in recent years has been spearheading an acquisition for The Arena Group. This company is a true leader in the media industry, and it is the parent company for Sports Illustrated and hundreds of other brands. In fact, some of its brands include Maxim, Spry Living, The Street with Jim Cramer, Relish, Athlon Sports, and others. On Levinsohn’s initiative, The Arena Group has acquired Parade magazine, an 80-year-old publication with a monthly readership of 54 million. Through this major acquisition, Levinsohn has been able to raise The Arena Group’s total reach to 121.9 million people per month.