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Stephen Bittel, How Terranova founder and chairman New Leases Provide a Brighter Horizon

Stephen Bittel, How Terranova founder and chairman New Leases Provide a Brighter Horizon

Many of the upcoming trends in 2020 are a seedling of pre-pandemic changes, and every industry has felt its impact. Commercial real estate is not an exception; it has taken a brutal hit from the Covid-19 pandemic and has seen a decrease in profits compared to other years. Stephen Bittel, the chairman of Terranova Corp., has done his part in ensuring that businesses continue growing in response to the pandemic.

One of the significant drivers of Florida’s economy is its real estate market. It continues growing steadily on account of its warm climate, and even during the Covid pandemic, it still grows. The company holds almost $1 billion in real estate assets, all commercial.

His vision regarding the firm has always been focused on community growth. Skyyard Miami is one of Bittel and his team’s major projects, and it was a groundbreaking innovation for the community. This structure is a lounge above Lincoln Eatery and covers 3,320 square feet, and allows people to enjoy the luxury of outdoor dining.

Terranova Corp. is among the leading firms offering leasing properties during the pandemic. Stephen Bittel’s team welcomed eighteen new tenants to increase the number of retailers, which accumulated to a total value of $7.9 million. Trying out temporary occupancy and lowering the asking rates are some of the reasons why the company rapidly found its footing.

Stephen Bittel founded the Terranova corporation in 1980 and currently heads as its chairman. He has served the community of South Florida for years, playing numerous influential roles during his career. Serving on the Tech for America Miami board and leading the Greater Miami Jewish Federations Washington Mission in 2009 and 2010 are some of his other vital roles. Miami’s residents can see a brighter horizon from Stephen Bittel’s creative and innovative projects.