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The Inspirational Rise of Peter Briger

Peter Briger is one among the few alumni of Princeton University who have made it in the investment and finance industry, emerging in the list of the top 400 world’s richest billionaires produced by Forbes. At Princeton, Peter obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which he later advanced at the School of Business of Wharton in the University of Pennsylvania. This was a very great opportunity which he utilized to equip himself with sufficient proficiency and expertise that he could use to improve the welfare and performance of different organizations that he could later work for as an employee. After the college and acquiring his MBA, Peter Briger was employed by Goldman Sachs where he was responsible for the management of investments and operations of the company at various levels. He was involved in the operational roles of the company where he was responsible for the management of the organization’s portfolio which he managed on behalf of its clients who it values greatly. Peter worked tenaciously and the top management of the company recognized his tremendous input to the company. Amid this, he was promoted to the top management levels where he was involved in the critical decision making of the organization.

While still at the company, Peter Briger went on to advance his expertise by enrolling in investment related courses that made him more apt at the management of distressed assets and hedge funds. It was during this time when the board of directors of Fortress Investment Group happened to have the intention of transforming the organization from being a private equity firm and make it an alternative asset management company. They invited Briger to join the company as a Co. CEO, who would head the credit and hedge fund section of the business. Peter Briger accepted the offer and joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002.

One thing that makes Peter Briger outstanding among all the other billionaires is his philanthropic attitude. He has a very strong belief in the eradication of poverty in the society. Due to this, he engages in activities that are geared towards this objective. These includes providing education for the underprivileged children in the community.