The Profound Professional Reach of Ross Levinsohn, Maven’s New CEO

Ross LevinsohnIn the media technology arena, Ross Levinsohn has played an instrumental role through various prestigious positions over the years, and his work continues as the new CEO at Maven. Well before Levinsohn became a notable leader in the industry, he studied at American University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications in 1985, Levinsohn took on a series of progressively more sophisticated positions at influential companies. These included CBS Sportsline, Whisper Advisors and The Boston Group.

Guggenheim Digital Media then hired Ross Levinsohn as its Chief Executive Officer. With many years of proven success in previous positions, he was prepared to accept the challenge. In this position, he interacted and impacted major publications that were affiliated with Guggenheim Digital Media. These included the Hollywood Reporter, AdWeek, Billboard Magazine and several others.

After working with this company for many years, his career took him down a new path with Fox Interactive Media. As President at Fox Interactive Media, Ross Levinsohn was successful in integrating the company with a variety of web properties. Some of the company’s affiliations were with the Chicago Times, the New York Daily Times, the Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! and Thryv.

Now that Levinsohn is heading up Maven, he has expanded his influence in his chosen professional space. In fact, some of Maven’s 300 clients include, Ski Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Maxim and others. The company specifically offers these and its other clients monetization services and back-end digital support.

After working in media technology for more than 35 years, Ross Levinsohn has profoundly affected the industry. This will continue going forward as he brings his proven leadership abilities, professional expertise and personal drive to fearlessly advance the industry to his new role.