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Tom Keane on Empowering Space development off the planet with Azure

The power of extracting and leveraging data collected from space can transform entire industries and create new paradigms. Through partnerships, space data, our collaboration tools, and Microsoft services and capabilities, Azure Space unlocks powerful possibilities for customers. Led by Tom Keane, since Azure Space was first announced, Microsoft has been working hard to expand its Azure Space eco-system by partnering with leading companies in the space sector to help them realize their vision. 


Today, we’re announcing our latest collaboration with Airbus and the general release of their premium quality aerial imagery and elevation data available in Microsoft’s Azure Maps. Tom Keane recalls how by combining the technologies available at Azure with our partnership with NASA, we’re helping customers extract value from their private and public data assets.


Thus, transforming them into powerful insights and applications as Tom Keane recalls. The rapidly changing climate, increasing demand for resources and access to international markets, and concerns about the future of humanity are all driving industries in the space sector to maximize the value of their information assets, upgrade their technology and capabilities, and rethink how they operate. 


For the software developer Tom Keane, the best way to capture data from space is with drones – which can fly at altitudes with little turbulence or weather. Then, customers can get high-quality aerial imagery at a fraction of what it would cost on a satellite (Jpost). 


In conclusion concerning this matter, we’re at a time when it’s easier than ever to capture, store and analyze data collected from space. You should be able to access the global satellite data market for free or for a minimal cost. Led by Tom Keane, we are working hard to make this possible through our Azure Space ecosystem partners, including Airbus and NASA.