Business Expert, Vik Bansal

Vik Bansal Improvement to The InfraBuild as The Company's CEO

The recent financial results from InfraBuild, which covered its half-year operations, show its improvement in all its financial metrics. Vik Bansal is the CEO of the steel manufacturing and recycling company, who has ensured the company’s growth in all segments has been achieved. Vik Bansal has shown his excellence in leadership since he joined InfraBuild in July 2021, and within the shortest time, he has pivoted the company’s operations to their best. Before joining InfraBuild, Vik Bansal was part of Cleanaway for six years and was ranked Australia’s leading waste company. As he served as the Cleanaway CEO, he has seen its transition in different growth stages. Bansal has participated in several executive roles in Australia, Asia, and Unites states for over two decades. His excellent leadership skills and vast experience in different positions have helped him shape InfraBuild in less than a year since he became the CEO.

Since Vik Bansal become the CEO of Infrabuild, his goal is to see it growing to be the leading provider of sustainable steal and developing strong local community communities across Australia through its operations. One way Bansal has been able to achieve Infrabuild success is by reshaping its focus and updating the company brand to provide quality products and services to its customers.

Vik Bansal’s approach to seeing Infrabuild growth has been in different dimensions. He has come up with a transparent performance target that focuses on creating customer-driven decision-making. This has helped to continually improve the company’s process and provided an open platform for decision-making. Vik Bansal’s Business mantra that he has actively applied in his leadership is that “profits and sustainability do not have to mutual be exclusive.”Applying this mantra to InfraBuild, he has encouraged the company to incorporate carbon neutrality to make it the leading sustainable steal provider in the industry.