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Wes Edens And New Fortress Energy Investing In BAL

New Fortress is one of the significant financiers of the recently completed Basketball Africa League. The company took part in the financing, development, and creation of assets suitable for energy infrastructure. The founder of New Fortress is Wes Edens, who also owns Aston Villa (a preowned football club) and Milwaukee Bucks. The latter is an American basketball team that competes in the NBA.

Wes Edens spoke to New Times’ about investing in BAL. He was interviewed by Collins Mwai, whom he opened to about the course of the league, among other emerging opportunities in the league.

You may be wondering what drew Wes Edens’ interest in BAL, considering that it was still a young season with minimal excitement. Despite little experience in the NBA (Basketball Africa League), Wes Edens foresaw multiple opportunities. The global athletes that originate from Africa were his major motivator. He adds that it is natural to set a foundation for the African Basketball League based on the mega abundance of excellent athletic talent.

On his growth projections about BAL in the next few years, Edens looks forward to building a highly competitive league. He strives at creating a unique product in itself rather than making it an NBA subsidiary. He also looks forward to defining a relationship between the league and other existing basketball leagues. However, the most significant step is to establish the league and find ways to build a competitive framework.

A major concern is also the cause of Edens’ interest in sports investments (Aston Villa and Milwaukee Bucks). Being a sports nerd, Edens said that sports is his ideal investment. It creates a balance between having fun (his passion for sports) and making money as a businessman. He looks forward to the day BAL builds a significant media presence both in Africa and globally.

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