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Wes Edens is working in Bringing MLS to Las Vegas

According to Sportivo, they have found out that We Edens, the Fortress Investments Group cofounder, has a great interest in soccer. He wants to bring the Major League Soccer (MLS) to ensure they expand the franchise, which will get at Las Vegas.

Wes Edens has shown much in sports by co-owning the Aston Villa Premier leagues and owns the National Basketball Association, based in Milwaukee Bucks.

Wes Edens and Bill Foley, the great investors in the sports industry, made suggestions in the bids of hosting the 2020 National Football Leagues. With the partnership with the Golden Knights group, Bill Foley had the franchise to acquire the MLS team for the city.

Ensuring Wes Edens got the bid for the hosting got backed by the Renaissance companies, which utilized the Cashman Field. The League in Las Vegas in the current United Soccer League makes the gameplay with lights in their homes. So having the league in the area will ensure they get developed and attributed in all stadium regions.

Renaissance Group of companies assured the Las Vegas would get the franchise, and they will support them to the later in getting all they will need. They aim to host the next MLS, and thus they need to expand the location within Las Vegas.

Hosting MLS will ensure Las Vegas gets the list of all sports teams that need to get in the Golden Knights and all the features in sports. All the teams participating, including women, will get included in the list