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What QNET is Not a Scam

First and foremost, QNET is absolutely not a scam as it is a company that legitimately has employees who receive genuine money and who earn a generous income. It is also definitely not an illegal Ponzi scheme as there is not one investor who gets to retain all profit that comes through. This business is not even a multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme in which individuals who are above you earn a certain amount of your profit. QNET is simply a direct selling company in which you can become an employee in which you have an independent business to earn a profit on the goods you sell.

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QNET is not only a direct selling company and a company that is only all about making the most revenue. It is also an e-commerce store in which a variety of different brands and products are represented for the sales agents to showcase to customers. It also is a business in which the independent sales agents can earn a certain commission based upon every sale that is made through their account. This company, unfortunately, however, is not a company that has been free of accusations of being a scam or being illegal over the years.

Though QNET has had numerous instances throughout many different countries in which they have been accused of a scam, they have always risen above. After many of these accusations occurred, the company even changed its name to what it is now as it was initially under a completely different name. If there have been any true accusations that seem to be about this company, you should probably read deeper into the problems that exist. In many cases, the individual who is committing the crime is an imposter who claims as if he or she is a part of the company when that is not true.

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