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Why Stephen Bittel Pays Attention To The Location Of The Property Before Investing

In modern business investment, there are some major factors that business investors have to always look at when they are making investment decisions so that they can always be on the path to success. How an investor analyzes the market determines whether he or she will be able to make the best profits out there in the industry, or they will be involved in some extreme loss-making situations that a huge number of investors have been experiencing in their industrial operations.

Stephen Bittel is one of the leading investors who have a detailed understanding of why investors need to make sure they are always analyzing what is happening in the industry before making accurate decisions. This is something that has affected a huge number of investors and has been very central in ensuring that such investors are able to make some profits in markets where other investors have been failing.

He is the Founder and Chairman of Terranova Corporation. The firm primarily invests in commercial real estate. In 1978, Bittel graduated from Bowdoin College. Then in 1982, he received his law degree from the University of Miami School of Law.

Location is one of the most important factors under consideration that every other individual who is involved in the real estate business should always consider as they continue with their operations. That is why Stephen Bittel changed his investment areas and started investing in the cities while other investors were looking for other areas of the market that had not consistently shown that they were ready to generate the income that he was looking to get from the market.

He has always been very fascinated by the trends in the general settings of the market. He’s been looking to make sure that he is always investing in the most appropriate areas of the market that can help in ensuring that he is always getting some consistent profits in his industrial operations. Investing in the most lucrative location in the city has been a welcome approach that has made him be a successful investor. See this page for additional information.

Bittel is looking at geographical diversification as the best strategy that every other entity out there in the business environment should be using if it always intends to achieve some consistent success and benefits in its business activities. Entities have to look for the essential ways that they can use to overcome some of the complex loss issues that they can easily face if they do not have the best techniques of dealing with uncertainties.


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